Building Leaders

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Part of my passion in the recent year has been the concept of leadership. Partly for business, but mostly within community. I have this radical concept that most people in leadership development or in middle-management on any kind of “fast track” are not really learning to become leaders, but they are learning to become followers. This concept is covered in Tom Peters’ latest, Re-Imagine. Meanwhile, while surfing his site, I came across an interesting snippet about building leaders called, Developing Your Leadership Pipeline. You view it here. I believe that if community injected many of these concepts into people who already are taking leadership roles within an organization, instead of ear-marking people that they “hope” will become leaders, we can build a strong community. After all, it’s just a matter of time before we’re replaced by technology, so we may as well help each other, do some good and build a better life for all of us. My rose-colored glasses are officially on for this Blog segment.