Finally Seeing The Tipping Point

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After much brouhaha I’ve finally picked up and began reading Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. I’m mad that I did not get to this sooner, but here we are. Yes, this is must-read business book/marketing stuff. That being said, I also subscribe to a great free e-zine called Digital Bulletin which is done out of the UK by Brand Republic. You can sign up for it here. Along with seeing what kind of cool marketing is being done across the pond, there must have been some ears burning over there as well, seeing as their latest feature article is called, Reaching The Online Industry’s Tipping Point. The article, authored by Danny Meadows-Klue, says: “Anyone familiar with the concept of the ‘Tipping Points’ will find something very familiar indeed when they look around the internet marketing industry, writes Danny Meadows-Klue.” You can read their views here. Seeing as I’m only 50 pages deep in the book, I’ll reserve judgment for when I’m beter understanding all the tips, points and tipping points.