What Did They Expect To Find? Janet Jackson's Other Nipple?

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This just in from CNN (fade to Darth Vader’s voice…) – Music industry raids Kazaa offices (Friday, February 6, 2004 Posted: 1752 GMT ( 1:52 AM HKT)

“SYDNEY, Australia (AP) — Investigators from the Australian recording industry raided the Sydney offices of Internet file-swapping network Kazaa on Friday in search of evidence to support allegations of copyright infringements.”

Firstly, I can’t imagine any of Kazaa executives – whose homes were raided – that would actually be stupid enough to keep any files on their own hard drives or servers. Secondly, this is so ridiculous. Just imagine the Black Ops that went into this. I can see a S.W.A.T. Team rappelling in through windows and blasting doors with those black battling rams. “Hey, where’s the Metallica and Pink MP3s?!” Such nonsense. I wish the recording industry would spend this much time and money actually re-inventing (re-imagine!) and innovating their tried and true (re: boring) business model. Now is their chance to become like Jack (Welch). My worry is they’ll wind up more like Lee (Iacocca). The music industry has many weapons at its disposal – computers, strategy, marketing savvy and, sometimes, a great product/service – that’s where they need to focus their energy. Give music fans what they want. Make it remarkable. Make music fans loyal (again)… and they’ll never leave. The full story from CNN is available here.