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It’s not just my Podcast, Six Pixels Of Separation, that’s got me all excited about the whole Podcasting space, but it’s people like John January and Tug McTighe from American Copywriter that really make this whole scene rock.
I was more than happy to see that Twist Image friend, Joseph Jaffe, and the host of Across The Sound, took home the award for Best Marketing Podcast at this year’s MarketingSherpa’s Top 10 Best Blogs & Best Podcast of 2006: Readers’ Choice Awards (this Twist Image Blog was nominated in the Best Blog on General Marketing Topics – we lost to Seth Godin… and if we’re going to loose to anyone, why not Godin?), but less than thrilled that the American Copywriter guys did not even get nominated in the Best Marketing Podcast category. Make no mistake about it, I look forward to every episode of Across The Sound, but I thought some of the other nominees were less than stellar (with the exception of my other must-listen-to Podcast, For Immediate Release).
Tug and John from American Copywriter are awesome. They are funny, smart and downright happy (as well as disgusted) with their chosen professions (ad copy/creative guys). It’s one thing to be sharp for the clients, it’s very well another to hit “record” and just rock the Podmic like they do.
How good is American Copywriter? How often do you catch yourself laughing out loud? I just had a couple of milk-out-da-nose incidents on a flight after listening to American Copywriter – Podcast 40 – The Radio Edition. Embarrassing – but well worth it.
Talk about getting the Podcast space. Check them out: American Copywriter.

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