CaseCamp Montreal – Less Than A Week To Self-Organize – New Location Announced

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CaseCamp Montreal is set for Tuesday, July 4th, 2006. This is less than one week to join the Long Tail riot. This is a self-organizing marketing unconference. What does that mean? It means that Eli Singer in Toronto (who came up with the CaseCamp idea) set up a wiki and all of us (that’s right, I am talking to you) can do with it what we will.
To date, there are close to fifty people who have signed up to take part. We also have four case studies that will be presented. There’s still room left for one more presentation (I’d like to see one done in French). For more info on how or what to present, check this out: CaseCamp – What Makes A Great Case?
As this group has grown to a significant size, Alexandre Henault from Radio Canada has offered up more space for CaseCamp Montreal. The new location for CaseCamp Montreal is: Radio Canada – CBC, 1400 Rene-Levesque E. Please note, if you come to Twist Image… well, we’ll all be over at Radio Canada.
This will be a great night (it should not last more than 90 minutes or so).
For more info: CaseCamp Montreal.
Also, it looks like Toronto is on a roll. They just announced CaseCamp Toronto II. It is being held on July 11th. For more info: CaseCamp Toronto II.
See you on the fourth of July – this is our marketing independence day.
Get self-organizing.