Across The Sound And Across The Second Life Metaverse

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In episode six of Six Pixels Of Separation, I ended off the show with an awesome three-way (hey now!) Skype call with Divo Dapto (aka Joseph Jaffe) and Jangles Junot (aka Neville Hobson) as we were all participating in the Avatar-Based Marketing Conference in Second Life. It was a very surreal (life) moment that has been chronicled here, as well as over at Jaffe Juice, Across The Sound, For Immediate Release and at Neville Hobson’s Blog.
That conversation was the tail-end of a full-hour Skype call that Divo and I recorded during the Avatar-Based Marketing conference. I was unsure as to whether or not that entire call would ever see the light of day. Now, I know. In the latest episode of Across The Sound – Episode #40, Jaffe plays the entire call. I just listened to his show, and there are some very bright gems in there.
What I failed to realize, until I listened to our conversation, is the power of just being present. Regardless of the technical glitches or my inability to maneuver my Avatar with any sort of grace, the power of the moment was just that: being in the moment. It reminded me of the first time I tried mIRC chat, or when the Mosaic browser first booted up on my system.
You can take a listen to the ramblings of the Second Life Regis & Kelly Show here: Across The Sound – Episode #40.