C.C. Chapman – Managing The Gray And Being Less Than Six Pixels Away

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I guess the proverbial cat is out of the bag. I’ve been toying with the phrase Six Pixels Of Separation as a title for a keynote presentation for the past year or so (special thanks to Tanya at Twist Image for coming up with the saying). But now, it looks like Six Pixels Of Separation is taking on a life of its own. My new Podcast (just six episodes deep) is called Six Pixels Of Separation and I am presently working on a book of the same name.
In this world of new marketing, it makes perfect sense, and C.C. Chapman has become living proof of this. I met C.C. through email after he co-hosted an episode of Across The Sound with Joseph Jaffe and from there we became fast digital friends. C.C. is a Podcast Hero. His shows, Accident Hash and U-Turn Café, are considered the best of the best when it comes to Podcasting, and he’s recently started a marketing-related Podcast called, Managing The Gray (of which I am a huge fan). He’s also deeply involved in the huge growth of the Podsafe Music Network and Podshow.com. Along with that, we’ve had a couple of Second Life adventures as well (he bought me a pair of boots last night – I’m in sandals no more!).
This morning, I noticed that the latest episode of Managing The Gray is called, We Are All Only A Few Pixels Away. It focuses on how a lot of this new social media is truly connecting us in a much more human way. C.C. gets the spirit of Six Pixels Of Separation. It’s not a secret. Walt Disney said it best: “it’s a small world after all.”
You can check out the latest episode of Managing The Gray here: Managing The Gray – We Are All Only A Few Pixels Away.
Also, be sure to look for the next episode of Six Pixels Of Separation (it should be live at some point on Sunday). This week’s show features a 20-minute interview with the man himself, C.C. Chapman.