A Clear Eye For Branding By Tom Asacker

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Back in July I Blogged about an email encounter I had with branding expert, consultant and speaker Tom Asacker in this post: Brand Autopsy Looks At Tom Asacker – Author, Speaker And Blogger. Since then, Tom and I have shared some more email communications and he was kind enough to mail me a copy of his latest book, A Clear Eye For Branding.
Because of the Montreal Business Book Club schedule, it’s not always easy for me to hop on a new book right away, so I only recently had the opportunity to finish A Clear Eye For Branding.
I really can’t recommend A Clear Eye For Branding enough. Especially with all of this talk about Web 2.0 and the mind-blowing article Inside The New World Of Listenomics – How The Open Source Revolution Impacts Your Brand by Bob Garfield – it is clear (no pun intended) that few businesses are really aware of how to manage their brand (and what the brand even means) in this very consumer-driving-the-show environment. A Clear Eye For Branding really helps simplify what the branding process is and how deep it runs into every business unit of a company.
After speaking with Tom, we have decided to do an event, here in Montreal, sometime in November (date, location and RSVP information to be confirmed) where Tom will do a branding presentation, sell books, meet & greet and answer our questions.
If this type of event interests you, please email me and I will let you know when we get moving on this. I’m really looking forward to a Tom Asacker event because it has been a while since one of my Flash Cow get-togethers.