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I have been reading a lot of very interesting articles in both books and magazines on the art of the Blog. And it is an art, isn’t it? You have to be chatty, sometimes funny, casual, cool, but always intelligent with something to say (I would hate to see my report card). I guess you also have to be a little sarcastic.
I am speaking about Blogs quite a bit in the coming months. In fact, next week I will be doing a full session on Blogs with Paul Wells (National Post and Macleans) titled, Blogs – Getting Beyond The Hype, at the 2005 Digital Marketing Conference which is an event being put on by the CMA – Canadian Marketing Association. I am also moderating a “digital roundtable discussion” on Blogs at the same event later that afternoon.
This brings me to the topic of comments. When Blogs first came out I was under the impression that they were supposed to be personal online journals. They were supposed to be one – ok, maybe more than one – writer speaking casually about the matters that interested them and not an open discussion.
Soon enough, Blogging technology included the ability to add user comments to posts. So here’s my question: do you think I should post comments here?
I’m still struggling with it and before I flip the switch, I want your input.
Also, a general question: what makes a Blog any different from a Discussion Board if it does become a multi-authored environment with the ability to comment?
Are Blogs just the new BBS or Discussion Boards?