The Big Moo, Seth Godin And Making A Difference

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With all the Blog buzz on the latest Seth Godin project, Squidoo, I thought I might shed a little more light on his latest book, The Big Moo, and all of the good things that are coming out of it.
To better understand what his latest book is about, you can check out my Blog posting on The Big Moo here: The Big Moo – Leave It To Seth Godin or you can go directly to The Big Moo website here: The Big Moo.
Here’s what really touched me: on October 11th, Seth had this Blog posting: Thanks To You. It includes pictures of a new school being built in Nepal that is a direct result of the 32 colleagues-authors who donated their royalties to charity.
So what did I do? I hopped over and bought a few copies of The Big Moo. Why? Because when you see the need, it makes it real. It’s not easy to hand over money to charity but it’s always easy when you see the money in action.
So Seth, I know people are paying a lot of attention to Squidoo but I hope those same people take a break on an early Sunday morning and realize the immediate value (and need) in checking out The Big Moo.