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Don’t let the running time of this episode scare you. I’ve set it up so you can enjoy Six Pixels Of Separation in its entirety, and if you care for the last segment, you can stick around for the extra fifteen minutes. Between interviewing Ken Schafer of One Degree and the amazing experience I had with Across The Sound/Jaffe Juice/Author of the Life After The 30-Second Spot, Joseph Jaffe, and For Immediate Release Co-Host, Neville Hobson at the Second Life Avatar-Based Marketing conference, this is a fast-paced edition.
Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation – Episode #6 – Host: Mitch Joel.
– Running time: 43:06.
– Audio comment line is active – 206-666-3772 (I will only play questions or comments that push the conversation forward).
– Comments and Trackback are now live on the Twist Image Blog.
– Audio comment and question from Sulemaan Ahmed – Online Channel Manager – Sears Travel regarding RSS Versus Email.
– Upcoming events:
Blogs – A Marketers’ Secret WeaponCMA – Canadian Marketing Association.
CaseCamp Montreal.
– Still looking for someone to present a case study in French. Sign-up here: CaseCamp Montreal.
– CaseCamp Montreal banners at One Degree (thanks Ken).
Digital Marketing Conference – CMA – Canadian Marketing Association.
– Hold the date: October 19th and 20th in Toronto.
– Announcement of keynote speakers: Joseph Jaffe, Bryan Eisenberg, C.C. Chapman, David Weinberger and yours truly.
– Free copy of Bryan Eisenberg’s book, Waiting For Your Cat To Bark? for all registered participants.
– Great ad for the 2006 Digital Marketing Conference in Marketing Magazine.
– Interview with One Degree creator Ken Schafer.
Avatar-Based Marketing Conference in Second Life.
Skype call between Mitch Till (me), Divo Dapto (Joseph Jaffe) and Jangles Junot (Neville Hobson).
As always, your comments, feedback and help on Six Pixels Of Separation is appreciated. Please let me know what you think.
Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels Of Separation – Episode #6 – Host: Mitch Joel.


  1. Mitch, another top-notch podcast. Some thoughs/comments:
    1. I agree that it’s time to bring on a kick-butt production afor your intro, preferably with another voice and plenty of cool sound effects 🙂 The one that Joe Jaffe uses on Across the Sound is a great example. I’m working on doing the same for my podcast, as I think it adds another layer of legitimacy to the show. And while you’re at it, you can have said other person to voice your outro as well.
    2. Here’s a suggestion for the Digital Marketing Conference: what about having a podcast series that includes interviews with the various presenters and key-note speakers? Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson did just that before the annual IABC Conference, which took place in Vancouver earlier this month. Here’s the URL: http://blogs.iabc.com/ic/category/podcasts/
    This helps build up some buzz for the event; it gives (potential) attendees a sense of who will be speaking and which sessions they might like to attend (if there are choices); and it’s just a great way to present the power of podcasting for your audience.
    3. Looks like the CaseCampers in Toronto are back at it again. Another session has been scheduled for July 11.
    4. I’m getting itchy to get into Second Life. My name: Zeke Barber. My computer’s video card isn’t very good, though, so I need an upgrade fast!
    Keep the podcasts coming, and I look forward to meeting you next week at CaseCamp Montreal! I think a mashup will be in order.

  2. Another great podcast, but I can’t ever listen to it whlie mowing the lawn because it gets my mind all excited and going wild. Dangerous stuff.
    Julien presenting at CaseCamp? THAT is a cool thing.

  3. Hey Mitch, I actually talked to Michel Leblanc, and it looks like he’ll contact you tomorrow about doing a case study in French instead of me. I’ll still be there though.

  4. Wow! This is EXACTLY what we’ve been talking about in SL lately. This kind of strange networking via avatars. How else could I have met you, Jaffe, and Chapman all in one place? I think we’ll only see this phenomenon grow in the near future and it will be those of us who are willing to take advantage of cutting edge tech like SL who will reap the rewards of the connections that can be made.
    Life (and SL) are just too cool!

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