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I’m having a hard time believing that I’ve been Podcasting Six Pixels Of Separation for a month now. What a rush. I hope you enjoy this new episode of Six Pixels Of Separation. I can’t do it without your feedback, comments or ideas. I also initiated our new Six Pixels Of Separation comment line, which is officially open. Please leave me a voice mail message here: 1-206-666-3772.
Here it is: Episode #4 – Six Pixels Of Separation – Host: Mitch Joel.
Six Pixels Of Separation – The Podcast – Episode #4 – Show Notes:
– Running time: 17:05.
– Subscribe to Six Pixels Of Separation at iTunes.
– New Six Pixels Of Separation comment line: 1-206-666-3772.
– Podcast Feedback.
Inside PR.
David Jones and his Blog, PR Works.
– Link to PR Works posting: Mitch Joel Launches Marketing Podcast.
– Ed Lee – Blogging Me Blogging You.
– Link to Blogging Me Blogging You posting: New Canadian Marketing Podcast.
– iPerceptions’ Blog, Turn Up The Silence.
– Link to Turn Up The Silence posting: Podcasting – Is Anybody Listening?
– Link to Martin Pilote posting: Nouveau Podcast.
– Shout-outs to Guillaume Bouchard (NVI – Nouvelle Vision Informatique), Jeffrey Hart (Hartco) and Sulemaan Ahmed (Sears Travel).
– VoiceMailCast – the latest fad? Read more here: VoiceMailCast – VMCast – This Needs Better Nomenclature.
Eli Singer.
CaseCamp Montreal.
CaseCamp Toronto.
– Thoughts on Seth Godin and Joseph Jaffe‘s debate on Blogging and comments.
– Link to Seth’s Blog posting: Why I Don’t Have Comments.
– Link to Jaffe Juice posting: Godin The Flip-Flopper.
– Link to Across The Sound rant – ATS #35.
As always, your comments, feedback and help on Six Pixels Of Separation is appreciated. Please let me know what you think. I would love it if you tried out the comment line at: 1-206-666-3772.
Download the Podcast here: Episode #4 – Six Pixels Of Separation – Host: Mitch Joel.