Inside PR And PR Works – New Friends

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The world is flat. Thomas Friedman was right. I think the name of my Podcast (and upcoming book), Six Pixels Of Separation is also an accurate statement. Especially after this incident.
As I delve more deeply into the Podcast world – which, for the record, I love – I am being introduced to many new and amazing shows. Through Across The Sound – the Joseph Jaffe Podcast – I have met CC Chapman and was introduced to an incredible new Podcast called, Inside PR.
Inside PR is a weekly Canadian public relations Podcast hosted by Terry Fallis and David Jones (they’re based in Toronto). When I went over to the Inside PR Blog to grab the Podcast feed, I noticed that they talk about Six Pixels Of Separation in their latest episode. Then I see that David Jones has his own Blog, PR Works, and this posting: Mitch Joel Launches Marketing Podcast.
I am humbled.
It also happens that I was heading to Toronto this week. While in the cab from Pearson Airport, I shoot the Inside PR guys an email. We then begin a correspondence where we tried to synchronize all of our schedules to record an Inside PR and Six Pixels Of Separation mash-up. The timing did not work out. We are going to do it via Skype in the coming weeks.
It’s all about online social networking. Within 48 hours of discovering each other – we’re in communication and seeing how we can all work together.
We are all a mere six pixels away from each other.
As we head into the weekend, start thinking about who you can connect with. If it’s anything like the week I had, you’ll see just how close six pixels really are.