SPOS #663 – Bernadette Jiwa Tells The Right Story

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Welcome to episode #663 of Six Pixels of Separation

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation – Episode #663 – Host: Mitch Joel. One of the most prolific and fascinating business professionals in the area of better brand storytelling and marketing is Bernadette Jiwa. She is a veritable force of nature who creates frequent and compelling prose that are sprinkled with optimism and wisdom. Last September she was on the show to discuss her book, Story Driven – You Don’t Need To Compete When You Know Who You Are, and she’s back with a brand new book called, The Right Story – A Brief Guide to Changing The World. I consider her to be a true business philosopher, because Bernadette delivers the goods. When she not writing books and publishing articles, Bernadette helps companies of all sizes to build a brand to be proud of. Bernadette has a whole bunch of business books that you must read: HunchMeaningfulMarketing: A Love StoryFortune Cookie Principle, Difference and Make Your Idea Matter. It is a thrill to have her back on the show to discuss her latest, The Right Story. Enjoy the conversation….

Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels of Separation – Episode #663 – Host: Mitch Joel.


  1. Very interesting and thoughtful conversation as always Mitch. A little bit of a left field question here… I have always been curious as to whether you feel this type of purpose and story driven marketing can coexist with say the theories of a Byron Sharp, or even a Binet & Field? Is it simply those theories have predominantly been based on the big getting bigger, and a time where brand building was synonymous with advertising? I fully believe in the ideas of Seth and Bernadette et al, but sometimes flirt with the notion that perhaps the two seemingly opposing theories can indeed coexist, and simply with today’s media fragmentation, the story and purpose driven approach works to create new sub categories, thus achieving that required brand salience…

    Apologies for the slightly incoherent ramble (It’s late :)).. hope to hear your thoughts

    1. It’s hard for me to argue as I don’t have much understanding of what Byron Sharp or what Binet & Field have said. With that, I do not think it’s a one-size fits or that’s it’s binary. It’s a choice. People love stories. Why not build your brand around a story?

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