SPOS #636 – Story Driven With Bernadette Jiwa

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Welcome to episode #636 of Six Pixels of Separation

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation – Episode #636 – Host: Mitch Joel. What do you stand for? What does your brand stand for? Where are you headed? Why are you headed there? Before you build a brand, you better know your story. In her beautiful and brand new book, Story Driven – You Don’t Need To Compete When You Know Who You Are, the business philosopher, Bernadette Jiwa, delivers the goods. Bernadette helps companies of all sizes to build a brand to be proud of. Bernadette is also the author of some of the most impacting business books that you will ever read: Hunch, Meaningful, Marketing: A Love Story, Fortune Cookie Principle, Difference and Make Your Idea Matter. It was a thrill to have her back on the show to discuss Story Driven and her optimizes for brands. Enjoy the conversation….

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