Yves Behar Gives Good Marketing Quote

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Yves Behar is a world-leading designer. At TED, he’s talking during the How Do We Create? session (this year,the TED Conference is based around the theme of "Big Questions"). In discussing his design process, where he thinks creativity comes from, and where companies are at in their own creativity, this is what he sprung on the TED community:

"Advertising is the price companies pay for being un-original."

The quote was not attributed to anyone (I’ll do a little Google sniffing and update this Blog post if I find anything).

It’s an interesting perspective.

Would you really need to advertise if your product/service had the Seth Godin Purple Cow stamp of approval? Would your product not stand out if the design was that unique, functional and effective?

Big Questions.

TED was named quite appropriately this year.

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