Ideas Worth Spreading

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There is tons of hype and interest around the TED Conference. While this is my first time attending, having watched almost every one of the talks over at TED Talks for the past little whiles makes everything I see live seem so familiar. That being said, in just one day I feel changed. I know how new age-y that might read to you, but it’s true. As powerful as some of the attendees are in their day to day lives, my first emotions are those of sharing and equality. There’s something amazingly cool about what happens here, and the one huge difference from watching TED Talks is the human connection and access to every attendee.

Instead of waxing poetic, or name dropping (yes, there are tons of celebrities and business luminaries here), I thought I would simply re-direct you to some projects that have captured my imagination and will (I hope) also become an idea worth spreading in your eyes as well. Check out these brilliant initiatives. I hope your new content discovery is a fascinating as mine.

Enjoy the mind candy:

Encyclopedia of Life.



Ted Prize.


DIY Drones.

Do The Green Thing.

Town Hall.

Make Zine.

Dishy Mix.

They’re Beautiful.