YouTube… Then What?

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Sit back, relax and watch this…

As few months back, Kevin Rose (ex-Digg now at Google Ventures) recorded an episode of Foundation with YouTube co-founder, Chad Hurley. It’s a pretty amazing story and will give you some amazing insights into making ideas happen, smart marketing, overcoming challenges… and what a little bit of luck can do.


  1. Does everything come out of California? Is silicon valley going to rule for the next century? Do we have anything like it in Canada?
    Seems to me that most things internet related all happen down south and wondering when Canada will step up to the plate. There are things like MARS in toronto that support startups, but if you look at the calibre of ideas they don’t sound very interesting at least for now.
    Another one of the right place at the right time!

  2. Incredible lesson on the power context. Relationships from Paypal led to finding YouTube’s cofounder and its VC group, former coworkers becoming brilliant engineers solving transcoding and scalability challenges, a local friend-lawyer easing YouTube into
    a Google acquisition, etc. If anything, just the fact that people who worked together in the early days of Paypal went on to found YouTube, LinkedIn, and Yelp shows how potent context can be.

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