Don't Read This. Go Read This.

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If you’re going to spend any time reading anything today…

I’m going to encourage you head over and read this post by James Altucher titled, Living The Counterfeit Life.

Then… if you are smart:

  1. You will sign up for his free e-newsletter (so you can get his frequent pieces of glorious writing): James Altucher Insider’s List.
  2. You will buy his latest book (which I am currently loving): Choose Yourself!
  3. You will follow him on Twitter (he’s funny and clever there too): James Altucher on Twitter.

It’s a different kind of self-help.

If you like personal development, self-help or motivation, you may not like Altucher. I happen to love reading about those topics as much as possible, but Altucher isn’t just dolling out the usual slop. His stories are personal, real, riddled with mistakes and a path that is both hard to believe coupled with honest insights that make sense because he really has lived and struggled with it.

Like I said… don’t read this. Go read this: Living The Counterfeit Life.

…and one more thing: Altucher was a guest on my podcast last week, so if you’re interested in more: SPOS #366 – James Altucher Wants You To Choose Yourself.


  1. I have been a long time fan and was very disappointed not to be able to buy your book on amazon kindle
    By the time I have been paid shipping from Australia it simply is not worth it
    Surely y should let your fans decide day1 what version they want to buy your book in

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