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I want my MTV.

Yes, I am from that generation. A time when moving images were put to the hottest music, and every musician and band was forced to create a video representation of their audio landscape. Most bands, labels and managers failed spectacularly, when it came to making this happen. Some struggled due to talent, while most suffered with little-to-no budget. As with all things creative, these limitations also gave rise to a new form of art and creativity. It’s one that has spilled into the YouTube (and now, Snapchat) generation. Creators are finding fascinating ways to tell stories. The other (major) factor in the development of the music video genre, has been technology. As the years wane on, access to better tools (hardware and software) have empowered these same creators to think bigger than ever. Just wait and see what augmented and virtual reality is going to do to push this genre even more.

A prime example of great video, creativity and artistry.

For Coldplay‘s latest single, Up&Up (it’s the third single taken from their new album, A Head Full Of Dreams), the band really pushes the boundaries, in what can only be described as a timely (and timeless) visual collage that you will want to watch over and over again. Beyond how visually stunning this clip is, I’m left trying to imagine how the creators juxtaposed so many interesting ideas. Fun, eye-opening, clever, deep and highly entertaining. A lesson for every brand (and band) that has access to the tools and a publish button…