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I’m not sure if this is what I mean when I talk about personal branding or leveraging online communities, but a family friend, Jack Gurevitch, is in the middle of a huge online battle to become Lay’s Greatest Canadian Hockey Fan and earn a spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame.
He’s not doing too badly in the voting, but he could use some help. Jack’s a Montrealer and is a rabid Habs fan (to the point of scary, but that’s another story).
The Montreal Gazette recently ran this piece on him: Habs Superfan After Spot In Hall.
Here’s a snippet from the article:
“So devoted to hockey is Gurevitch that he wrote in his contest essay: ‘A wife who truly believes hockey is more important to me than anything else including her … she’s very astute.’
While his wife, Rebecca, apparently does not share his insatiable appetite for hockey, next fall the couple are expecting their first child, a boy, who’ll carry the hockey torch and perhaps, an autograph pen, with unfailing hands.”
It’s a beautiful Sunday, I thought I would post something a little fun about a guy who’s just trying to live out a simple (albeit strange) dream. If you have a second, hop over and vote for Jack.
Vote For The Greatest Canadian Hockey Fan – Jack Gurevitch.
(special thanks to Marnie).