YES Montreal – Youth Employment Services Artists Conference – Beautiful Success

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Yesterday was the YES Montreal (Youth Employment Services) Artists Conference. I have had the pleasure of attending this event nearly every year since its genesis. The sold-out crowd of over 250 inspired and aspiring artists all seemed to be having an amazing time. You can read a previous Blog posting here, YES Montreal – Youth Employment Services Artists Conference – This Monday.
As a Board Member of YES Montreal and also a guest speaker that day (along with Robert Gervais of Pre2Post Technologies where we spoke about the Art Of Networking – How To Connect With People And Grow Your Business), I was particularly impressed with the morning’s panel discussion where the two key ingredients that kept resonating were: understanding your personal brand and its value along with the immense importance of networking and surrounding yourself with the right people. As the panel discussion went on, and as Gervais and I prepared to take the stage, it became very visible to me how important those two skills are for an entire company.
We always discuss the power of the brand and the power of networking. But how many companies actually put this front and center? Literally right next to strategic vision, corporate culture and sales? The ones that do have billions in market share. That’s why it is so critical for that kind of passion to be transmitted and practiced right down to the individual. That’s what I believe and actually doing it is fine art.