A Day In The Life – Toronto

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On the road again today. Back in Toronto. I’ve been making this trip (nearly two times every month) and what I am starting to see is that marketing, communications and especially branding is big and serious business here. Not that it’s not as important back home in Montreal, it just seems like more companies with big, big names get it. I know it’s not because there are simply more businesses or corporate head offices here but rather a keen interest to get involved and get it.
This morning I went to the CMA – Canadian Marketing AssociationeMarketing Council meeting (where I sit on the Executive). I was asked to give a fifteen minute presentation on Blogs and Blogging. People got it, get it and want to know and learn more. I’m always fascinated to learn and execute the latest I marketing and communications. I don’t really care if it’s interactive or not. I care about whether or not it will work. Will it resonate? Will it make a difference? Will it create an experience? Will it get you more sales? Will they keep coming back?
I guess I’m jazzed because my flights were on time, the meetings went great and the more I get out there the more I feel the buzz growing. A special thanks to Scott from The Power Within for setting up some meetings, being an incredible guide and setting the groundwork for many future collaborations.