World-Changing Ideas, The Future Of Work And No Pants

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Care to work in your underwear?

Scott Berkun wanted to write a different kind of book. He has already done quite well with professional speaking and writing business books like Making Things Happen, The Myths of Innovation and Confessions of a Public Speaker, but he wanted to mix it up. So, he went to work as a manager at WordPress, leading a team of young programmers developing new ideas for the company. The results are his latest book, The Year Without Pants – and the Future of Work. Recently, Scott did a Talks At Google about the book and what he learned about the new culture of work and how stuff gets done fast, efficiently and with a deep sense of innovation.

If you’re struggling to rethink your business or the brand you work with, please watch this…


  1. I’m not surprised at the number of people working remotely since many of the customer service type jobs as asking for this requirement. Personally not a big fan of working remotely its too far removed from interacting with people.

  2. As someone who also works from home, I would have to agree with Scott. I think your remote employees’ productivity mostly depends on how you manage them.
    Working from home have its advantages and disadvantages. One of the many ways our company makes sure we get motivated to focus on work and that we never give in to distractions is making us use a helpful time tracking tool like You just got to open up your mind to change because that’s the only way our business or company can keep up.

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