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Mirum in Canada is hiring.

It’s been a year, as they say. We’ve had some major changes within our company over the past short while. Two years ago our agency, Twist Image (which started in 2000), was acquired by WPP (the world’s largest marketing and communication holding company). Then, about a year ago, we announced that we would be changing our name to Mirum. We were not the only agency to do this. Over the years, WPP (through the J. Walter Thompson Corporation) had acquired a bunch of other digital marketing agencies that were leading the charge in other geographic markets. We all came together to form one global digital marketing agency called, Mirum (which is latin for wonder, surprising, and amazement). More recently, we announced that after just one short year of working together, Mirum was named to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Global Digital Marketing Agencies as a “Visionary.” Now, Mirum has about 2500 team members in 25-plus countries with over 40 offices. Still, Mirum in Canada retains the services that we have always offered, while adding in some new ones, augmenting our positioning (which, in marketing, is an ongoing practice) and now has an extended bench of team members, tools and opportunities. All in all, it’s been exciting (and, obviously, super challenging).

Now, we’re growing (again).

We’ve got some growth within our existing client base, and some new and exciting clients that have come into the fold. With that, we’re in need of additional talent (maybe that’s you or someone you know). Here’s what we’re looking for

  • Montreal…
    • Front End Developer (for our Pronto team).
    • Front End Developer.
    • Designer.
    • Project Manager.
    • Project Coordinator.
    • UX Analyst – Information Architect.
  • Toronto…
    • Motion Designer.
    • Associate Technology Director.
    • Associate Creative Director or Senior Creative.
    • Email Marketing Manager.
    • Front End Developer.

If you are interested in any of these (or know someone who is)…

Please do not contact me directly (I say this with peace and love… peace and love). The truth is that I have nothing to do with HR and how we hire, at this point. I really do not know the details of the work that we’re looking for (beyond what you too can read in the links above), and you will be best suited to follow our process, rather than hit me up for specific questions (that I probably can’t answer). If you send in your stuff, rest assured that we’re always looking for the right talent. So, if our folks think there is a possible fit, they will reach out to you.

Beyond Mirum in Canada.

Plus, if you would like to see what other work we’re looking for beyond Canada, always feel free to check out the careers section on our LinkedIn page.

If you’re looking for a career with a great digital marketing agency, or know someone who is, please feel free to share! Work for Mirum in Canada