1. Are you thinking along the lines of Evernote? Where you can have Public and Privately-shared folders?
    I do like some of the tools Outlook.com includes for shearing away the noise, but the sharing options you mention are intriguing…

  2. Love equating the concept of inbox zero celebration to giving birth to a new child!
    About leaving the office, and being shackled by a Blackberry….I think this is a self- imposed phenomenon. I’ve carried Blackberries for the private and public sector, and the expectation has never been that I was available after business. Perhaps it’s the boundaries we as individuals set for ourselves. If we value our work over our personal time, then we’ll be available. If we don’t, we won’t. And for others, work is fun:)

  3. I just wrote about something very similar to this on my blog! It was about how we all were so excited to hear the words “You’ve Got Mail” many moons ago and now we are starting to dread it. One thing that I am stuck on is how do you choose between all the email providers?
    I have a gmail account but the idea of using my full name is impossible since everything is taken. I recently signed up for AOL and was able to get my full name as my email but isn’t AOL considered “outdated”? First we had limited options now just so many its hard to choose.

  4. Kelsey, take a look at outlook.com — many names and aliases are still available there, and it is better than what Gmail has become.

  5. Hey Mitch, have you heard about the new email client from AOL “Alto”? Just google it — still in beta — but it very well maybe the solution to our cluttered inboxes. Who knows, we could all be enjoying that phrase all over again with a twist “You’ve got important mail”.
    Great post. Will see you soon.

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