What's In Your Bag?

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Wouldn’t you just love to snoop around in other people’s work bags (or briefcases) to see their gear and what they use?

I just came across this very smart widget from Amazon. I like the fact that you can add comments as well. There is even an affiliate link you could add in (this one does not have one).

This is what’s in my bag. What’s in yours?

(hat tip: Terry’s Photo Topics).


  1. I see you are a fan of the BlackBerry Bold and are considering adding the iPhone 3GS to your arsenal (as a supplement to, not a replacement of, your Bold). I wholly agree in the advantage of having both devices in-hand, since each has strengths over the other in certain features, usability, apps, and performance. My detailed comparison between the two is here: http://bit.ly/JGVts. I would be interested in hearing your experience with the devices, as well.
    – Clark

  2. I heard you reference this on Joe Jaffe’s podcast and was looking forward to checking it out … but I’m not seeing the widget in firefox. Is it my browser’s problem, or has it disappeared?

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