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In trying to figure out a place to keep reviews and media for the book, Six Pixels of Separation, organized, I settled on this page.

If you’re interested in reviews, media and that sort of stuff about the business book, here it is. But, this was more for archival purposes than self-promotion.

Book Reviews

Media Coverage (Interviews, Blog posts, etc…)

If there are any missing, please let me know in the comment section below and I will add them (many thanks!).

(last updated: May 6th, 2010)


  1. As anyone who’s ever made the drive up U.S. highway 5, it’s a long boring 7 hour drive from Los Angeles to the wine country of Northern California (where I happen to live). I burned a copy of “Six Pixels” from Audible, and listening to it was made for one of the most productive trips ever. The book is just great, detailed enough in it’s approach to appeal to the more sophisticated user of social media, yet written in a style that didn’t scare novices, such as myself, away. My firm has, in the last 3 days, made real progress towards changing the way we think about social media and its value to our business. Bravo, Mitch… “Six Pixels” has shown us the tools we need to drive our business forward.

  2. RE: Jay Peak – $67 for $20. September 10th, 2009..
    I am a partner at the agency that helped design/build Jay Peak’s social media platform and strategy, and I have a couple of thoughts. To develop a meaningful, engaging social media program, you need a methodology. You need to know why you’re active in social media, for whom you are active, and how success will be measured/identified.
    Jay Peak is (primarily) a ski resort. “Cross promoting� a book about how to use social media to build your business at is not an approach that we would encourage, nor endorse. Why? Because like-minded individuals cluster, and our social media strategy for Jay did not include the idea of turning it into another soapbox for a discussion about the pros/cons of social media, non-traditional marketing etc. Again, Jay Peak is (primarily) a ski resort. For “Whom� do you think they should be active? And “Why?�

  3. I think it’s amazing that an individual within the Jay-Peak organization found value in my book and then wanted others to pick it up, so they used their own product (something a lot of people love – skiing) to incite people to check it out. I thought it was a lot less about Jay-Peak’s overall Social Media strategy than it was about an individual doing something nice for another individual.
    Lastly, even if it was a part of an overall strategy – being a general “good will ambassador” can be very effective and smart.

  4. Picked up a copy yesterday morning and didn’t put it down until I was done. As a retail small business owner, learning how to broaden my reach outside my four walls is vital to my success. This is one of the best reads since Good to Great. I’ve already recommended it to 50 colleagues in the same franchise, all the senior managers and several friends. I had created a page on Facebook, Relax The Back – Central Phoenix, not long ago and now, thanks to this book, I have an idea of how to better use this tool going forward.

  5. The IBM Competitive Edge Book Club, open to all Sales, Marketing, and Communication professionals at IBM, voted and selected “Six Pixels of Separation” as the Q1 2010 book selection. Overall feedback from the members was great. In the feedback from the members, we ask them the question – “What will you do differently in your job since your study of this book?” Some of the replies directly from the members included:
    – “I am in Business Development and spend a ton of time in these areas – I will use some of his tips and techniques and favorite places to go – VERY relevant to me and my job.”
    – “Dive in and start to use some of the tools available in this space.”
    – “Ensure work related social networking is part of working model.”
    – “Pay more attention to work related social networking efforts….and set aside time to devote to social networking.”
    – “More aggressively work to convince my clients the reality of this new paradigm.”
    I would like to personally thank Mitch for being apart of the IBM Competitive Edge Book Club experience and for creating a book that is clearly written with his “human voice.”
    Best Regards,
    Brien Convery
    IBM Global Workforce Partner and Competitive Edge Book Club Leader

  6. I have just finished the book. Or should I say THE book!
    i read a lot of stuff about digital marketing. Some stuff is interesting. Some stuff is well written. Some stuff is full of wit. Some stuff is mind boggling.
    But NO stuff is like this book.
    A must-read book that prompts you to jump to action!
    An inspiration, a call to action in a thoughtful and sensible way.
    Thank you so much Mitch.

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