What’s Next! How About Some Future Talk?

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What’s next in work and tech?

Leading corporate management and strategy Thinker, Tiffani Bova (Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce), recently invited me to be a guest on her podcast, What’s Next!.
I hold Tiffani is the highest of regards (as do many).
Her first book, Growth IQ, was a stunner that dug deep into how to think (very) differently about growth and business performance.
In early June, she will release a new book that I believe will change the business landscape, The Experience Mindset.
Companies have spent so much time on CX (Customer Experience) and not enough time on EX (Employee Experience).
It’s not just a theme for a business book, it is a movement.

Think about how disengaged employees have been.

Don’t blame Covid. It was pretty ugly out there before the pandemic.
Now, we’re seeing The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting… even Fake Work.
All new terms for the same old problem: People are not engaged, connected and thriving professionaly at work.
ThinkersOne (my new business) is social at it’s core in relation to this issue, and intertwined with the thesis of The Experience Mindset: A place where both employees and customers have increasingly better experiences at the same time.
Employers need this kind of leverage as a catalyst that can transform the stagnant waters of disengagement into a bubbling cauldron of motivation, growth, and learning.
Make your team better… get better ideas… allow them to embark on a shared voyage of discovery.
The conversations sparked by these thought-provoking insights create a vibrant tapestry of dialogue, fostering connections and building bridges across teams and hierarchies.
Watch your workplace go from monotony into a thriving ecosystem of ideas and collaboration.

I believe that ThinkersOne is one of the easiest ways to improve employee engagement. Full stop.

In this episode, we not only discuss the relevance of ThinkersOne in today’s work environment, but we dig deep into everything from artificial intelligence (how it has changed my work life, while terrifying me at a macro level), Web3 and all things now and tomorrow.

Take a listen…

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