Metaverse? Meta Who? Met-a-confused?

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Meta/Facebook posted some very impressive numbers last week during their quarterly earnings call.

This quarter: +13%.
Year to date: +98%.
Now, it’s looking like Facebook is for “The Olds.”
Now, it’s looking like their big bet on the Metaverse (including changing their name to Meta) is evolving (to be kind).

It has left many people wondering: What, exactly, is the Metaverse?

I delved deep into this conversation on a recent episode of Six Pixels of Separation – The ThinkersOne Podcast, with Cathy Hackl (author of, Into the Metaverse, and a self-described Chief Metaverse Officer).
But now, Business Insider has published a formal obituary for the Metaverse: RIP Metaverse.

Here’s what I think: The Metaverse has an identity crisis.

Is it online gaming like Roblox and Minecraft?
Is it virtual real estate?
Is it Web3, NFTs and blockchain?
Is it virtual reality goggles and headsets?
Apple is rumored to be coming out this summer with their own headset.
Is it virtual reality?
Is it augmented reality?
Is it just the future of how we access content and information after the mobile internet?

Is it all of things… making it none of those things?

If the Metaverse is real, does it already have a killer app?
For me, it has to be more than a future state of technology and much more than a current philosophy.

What does the Metaverse mean to you?

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