What Is Your Blog And/Or Podcast? New Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast Segment

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Did you happen to catch the last episode of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast? It featured a brand-new segment called, What Is Your Blog And/Or Podcast? (I can just hear the Paul Shaffer-like theme music – who will send it in?). The idea behind this segment is simple: I think there are some brilliant Blogs and/or Podcasts out there that should get people talking and I would like to hear what they are, but more importantly why they are.
The first episode featured none other than Donna Papacosta from Trafalger Communications. She talked about who she is, what she does for a living and why she Blogs at Trafcom News and her Trafcom News Podcast.
What’s the point?
I find it fascinating to see what people do in their work lives and what empowered them to start Blogging and Podcasting. My hopes are that What Is Your Blog And/Or Podcast? Will inspire others to give this channel a try and also open up listener’s ears to other interesting content. I’m not looking for just marketing and communications Blogs and Podcasts – in fact, far from it. There are lots of very fascinating uses for Blogs and Podcasts – share them.
I am not looking for Podcast promos (although if you do have those, please send them in as well). I am looking to hear your story: who are you? What do you do for a living? What is your Blog and/or Podcast? Why do you do it?
I’d like to hear from people like Austin Hill – Billions With Zero Knowledge, Kate Trgovac – My Name Is Kate, Andy Nulman – Pow! Right Between The Eyes, Sebastien Provencher – Praized, Tony Hung – Deep Jive Interests, Instigator Blog and Start Up Spark by Ben Yoskovitz and others.
If you have an interesting story to tell, sent it to me in MP3 format via email (please keep it under four minutes) or you can call it in to the Six Pixels Of Separation audio comment line here: +1 206-666-5056.
So, what is your Blog and/or Podcast?