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After working out this morning and driving in to the Twist Image offices, my head was spinning with stuff I needed to remember and check-out while my Blackberry had a new note file that was locked and stocked with a list of websites, applications or Blog postings that I had never heard of. This is what happens when you are able to customize and choose all of the content you listen to via Podcasting.
Maybe it’s that PodCamp Toronto 2007 is in the air (coming up next week – February 24th and 25th, 2007) or maybe it’s the ability for me to choose this content, delete it, fast-forward or listen while working out, working or while in the car, but I am very much in love with Podcasting today.
I know it’s Valentine’s Day (I’ve taken care of that part of my personal life), but I am very much in love with listening to Podcasts and what better way to express that then on Valentine’s Day?
Listening to For Immediate Release, Inside PR, some amazing CBC Podcasts, In Over Your Head, Across The Sound, certain ones from IT Conversations, The Podcast Academy and the usual suspects (just take a look to the left of this Blog posting under Pod Roll) makes me just shake my head in disbelief that all of this targeted, fresh and informative content is one hundred percent free.
It blows my mind.
Do you think this can last forever? Do you think that Podcasts will always be free?
One thing I realized today is that I don’t care if they stay free forever. I am willing to pay for Podcasts. I think the content is so rich that I would have absolutely no issue with paying for it. I would welcome the idea of a subscription model via iTunes.
Just like when people first started sharing music online (not legally) and iTunes started the whole $0.99 concept, everyone thought this was insane: why would anyone pay for something that they can get for free? They would pay if the quality, ease of use and service was there (also if there were no spyware or computer viruses). I would too.
So my Valentine’s Day wish for you is that you’re able to find something that makes you feel half as good as Podcasting does for me. Not a day goes by that I am not learning and growing because of something I’ve heard in a Podcast.
That is a very powerful concept.


  1. i’m tempted to start a revolution in paying podcasters for the content they provide… like a dollar per podcast per month. supah affordable and totally worth it, plus people get compensated for the value they provide.

  2. yeah… lets do this:
    1. make a podtip coop system where you can put in a lump sum, say $25, into your podtip account
    2. get podcasters to join – add some money themselves, but aslo have a “donate to the podjar” button on their sites …
    3. get listeners to join, if they are inclined
    4. then, if you are tickled, you can donate whatever amount you like to a podcast, drawing down on your podtip account, till its empty. and then add another $25.
    true enough paypal more or less works like this, but the idea is to make this community driven. the problem is not the technology or the tools, but a movement to make it happen.
    how much do you spend on blockbuster a month. what if one month of every year you swore off movies, and instead donated the equiv amount of cash to the people making wonderful stuff with pennies instead of the hollywood giants making crap for millions?

  3. There are times in the day where I just want to send certain Podcasters an email saying something like, “please just send me your hosting bill. Let me cover it as thanks for your content.”

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