What Is The Matrix?

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In one morning email raid, these issues came across my dust-filled A22m IBM ThinkPad screen. One was from Wired, and the article is called Living Machines. The descriptor says: “Now, advances in fields as disparate as computer science and genetics are dealing our status another blow. Researchers are learning that markets and power grids have much in common with plants and animals. Their findings lead to a startling conclusion: Life isn’t the exception, but the rule.” Wow stuff – you knew it was going on. Probably thought it was in some dark CIA black-ops building. But the prevalence of humans and technology coming together (maybe for the better, maybe for the worse) is happening. Check out the article here. It’s a doozy.

Next up! CNN states: “Scientists clone human embryo, harvest stem cells.” Apparently a group of South Korean scientists claim that they have cloned a human embryo and extracted the stem cells in what “hope could spark a medical revolution,” (and they have the pictures and t-shirts to prove it). So, we’re now looking at even more controversy and debate over “ethics,” “human cloning,” and what does it mean to be human, after all? We all know you can’t stop technology. Sometimes it’s the most illuminating feeling and sometimes, it’s scarier than a five-legged, genetically cloned deer named Sandy. Check out CNN’s report here.