Clueless Pitch of the Week

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B.L. Ochman is an amazing person. Over the past year she has become a steady ally in our similar approaches to how PR people need to get in line with technology and start using it as a tool, and stop kvetching about it all the time. Along with being a published author, she has an amazing blog, which you can check out here. I would also encourage you to sign up for the I-PR e-newsletter. It is an amazing resource for anyone in the communications space.

One of the recent posts was based on a very weird press release pitch that was sent to me. This is how it looked when B.L. plopped it on I-PR:

“TOPIC: Clueless Pitch of the Week

Here is an example of how NOT to piggyback on the news.

From: Lehua Chong [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2004 3:31 PM

To: Lehua Chong

Subject: Assouline Presents: The Leather Book


Janet may be blaming her wardrobe, but leather has been keeping us covered since the beginning of time. The Leather Book by Anne-Laure Quilleriet (Assouline) is a history of leather in fashion and details rock and roll’s favorite look from the jackets of Elvis and pants of Jim Morrison to how these rock rebels have influenced the runways of Christian Dior, John Galliano and Chanel amongst others. Whether Jay Z is rapping about it or Mick Jagger is swaggering in it, leather will always be music’s first fashion. At this time, we would like to offer you the opportunity to review The Leather Book. Please take a look at the press release below and feel free to contact me directly for more information at 212.334.8006. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Lehua Chong

Publicist, Workhouse Publicity



Thanks to Mitch Joel for the tip.”

Thank you B.L. for all your awesome work!