What Does Great Work Look Like?

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Is what you are creating any great?

Over the years, I have watched many super-creative people with amazing taste quit. They didn’t push through. They didn’t keep at it. For as many great bloggers that I follow today, I have a huge list of people who were stunningly great at it, but they quit. They ran out of juice. No more steam left in the engine. Podcasting too. I’ve been podcasting for a long while (every week), and so many of the shows that I used to love (and could not wait to hear) have ceased to exist. Here is a powerful message from the one and only, Ira Glass (the man behind This American Life). He is a storyteller and creative force that we should all be paying more attention to. As someone who writes, I often grapple with the notion that what I am working on “is not quite good enough… yet.” It’s nice to know that this feeling of constant self-judging may, in fact, be pushing me in the right creative direction. I’m glad that I didn’t quit. I hope you don’t quit too.

He is a two-minute thought from Ira Glass about where you will find your most creative output…

(hat-tip to Erica Diamond for the find and for sharing it).

But wait, there’s more!

If you’re really into that two-minute tirade of creative inspiration, I will highly recommend that you watch this “in conversation” session with Ira Glass from a talk he did at Google back in 2013. It’s over an hour, but it will inspire as well. Promise.