Are You Working In Digital Marketing? You Have To Be Drunk Not To Pay Attention To This.

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Want to understand what the true digital landscape looks like?

Last May, I introduced you to Scott Galloway. Galloway has a think tank called L2 and is also a marketing professor at NYU Stern. He is becoming more widely known for his ability to captivate an audience with data (twinkled with his own perspective) about what is happening in the world of digital media. At the DLD conference this year, Galloway presented a fifteen minute blast of data titled, The Four Horsemen – Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. It follows in his previous presentation styles of declaring who the winners and losers will be in digital. Galloway admits that he can (and is often) wrong, but his points seem super-salient, and they are coupled with super-interesting data.

What is the digital world really like?

  • Amazon needs physical spaces to become a dominant retailer, otherwise they will suffer. 
  • Macy’s could be a huge winner (if they execute intelligently/quickly on their digital strategy).
  • Apple will be a trillion dollar luxury brand, and the pending release of their watch will make them the number one watch company in the world.
  • Facebook is the Internet and Facebook is social media (don’t believe the noise that young people don’t use it).
  • Instagram was an amazing acquisition for Facebook.
  • Tumblr is a disaster for Yahoo.

Intrigued? I was. Want more? Here you go