What Disney Can (Still) Teach You About Getting The Best Out Of People

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Disney is the most wonderful place on earth, right? Or, is it Google‘s office? Maybe Facebook‘s new campus?

To this day, when we think of corporate culture, it’s hard not to think of Disney. The stories of how Walt Disney and his team built this fascinating company staggers across volumes of business books, documentaries and more. Doug Lipp was a foundational part of how Disney’s culture evolved. Doug started his career at Disney in 1981. He quickly nabbed a leadership role in the prestigious Disney University. From there, he was instrumental in transplanting the Disney culture into Tokyo Disneyland. After his stint in in Tokyo, Lipp returned to Disney headquarters to lead their corporate training initiatives. There are few people who understand customer service, change management and what it takes to nurture the leaders of tomorrow like, Lipp. In this recently published talk at Google, Lipp discusses the content of his latest book, Disney U – How Disney University Develops the World’s Most Engaged, Loyal, and Customer-Centric Employees. It’s a great forty-five minute presentation.

How to build your culture by design with Doug Lipp, author of Disney U