What An Indie Musician Can Teach All Of Us About Digital Marketing (And Following Your Dreams)

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I came across Mike Masse on YouTube. He was doing an acoustic version of Toto’s massive hit Africa. I didn’t believe anybody could do this song justice. I was wrong. That one video led me down the YouTube rabbit hole of all things Mike Masse. Now, three years later, this video has over five million views, Masse has quit his day job as a public defender and is a full-time musician. More importantly, he’s making money in the music business, and he is focused on digital and social media. It’s completely counter-intuitive to everything that we’re hearing in the media, but Masse is doing it. YouTube, social media, selling music online and his latest, a Patreon connection with his fans. Trying to connect your business to your customers? You might learn a thing (or thirty) from Mike Masse. Enjoy the conversation… 

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