VoiceMailCast – VMCast – This Needs Better Nomenclature

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When Twist Image moved last week, I had the terrible task of figuring out what to leave as my voice mail message. We never used voice mail before, so this was all virgin territory for me. If you’ve heard my mobile voice message, you know that I hate the standard, “please leave a message at the sound of the tone.” I think we’ve all figured out how the system works.
Then I had an idea.
What if I recorded a mini Podcast as my voice mail message? Sure, you can skip it at anytime (just hit the pound key) and do your business after the beep, but if you really want to hear my voice, at least I’ll have something interesting to say (I hope).
Today, I created the first-ever VoiceMailCast, or VMCast (does anyone have a better name to call it?). It’s short and sweet and is all about building your personal brand through the power of networking.
I have no set schedule for the next episode of my VoiceMailCast… but your call is important to us.


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