CMA – Canadian Marketing Association – Launches Canadian Marketing Blog

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One of the initiatives of the eMarketing Council (we’re working on revising the name to the Digital Marketing Council) was to create a Blog. As part of this council for the CMA – Canadian Marketing Association – along with the rest of the council members – we have launched the Canadian Marketing Blog. This temporary, Blogger-based, site is presently in “preview mode” while we build the fully functional autonomous Blog. Check out the temporary space here: Canadian Marketing Blog.
The Blog was created to engage Canadian Marketers in discussions on the latest trends, issues and articles as they relate to Canadian consumers. This Blog is for all types of marketing practices and participation by all is encouraged.
A quick thanks (and kudos) to Michael Seaton of Scotiabank (full disclosure: Scotiabank is a client of Twist Image) for taking the lead on this new adventure. Seaton also started his own very witty Blog, The Client Side, recently.
I also wanted to thank Sandra Singer and all of the professional staff at the CMA for backing this project and allowing a place for Canadian Marketers to grow, learn and share.
Check it out: Canadian Marketing Blog.
(How Kate scooped this from me? I’ll never know).