Understanding Blogs By Comparing Them To A Music Fan

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Here’s a good comparison to understand what Blogs mean to the online world and marketers. Granted, I’d probably fail any SAT test, but I think this makes some sense:
Surfing over to a website is like buying the CD.
Signing up to get an e-zine or to get news updates is like going to see the band play live (and buying a t-shirt!)
Getting an RSS feed of a Blog or constantly checking out the Blog is like buying the limited edition – remix – live CD/DVD combo, hitting the road in the summer to follow the band’s tour in a Volkswagen Samba Bus, and making sure your fan club membership is in good standing.
It’s beyond giving permission. It’s being truly passionate about something. So much so that you not only seek it out but hope that when there’s news, it’s getting to you first. Blogs and RSS feeds allow people who proactively want to see your message to get it… right away. Pretty sweet.