Twitter Moves Towards Payments And Something More (Or Less) – Tech Tuesday

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How are things going at Twitter?

It looks like Twitter is interested in payments?
Is Elon Musk and his new management at Twitter settling in?
How has Twitter been able to maintain its relevance?
Is there a business behind this $44 billion acquisition?
What is the idea behind the “everything app”?

Let’s dig into the current state of Twitter.

This is what Heather Backman and I discussed over on 95.9 Star FM for a couple of minutes today.

What is Tech Tuesday?

Every Tuesday – for just a few minutes – I join Heather Backman (my old buddy from her days on CHOM FM and Jack 103) on the air at 95.9 Star FM to give a quick blast about the current state of technology, media and Internet culture.
We call it Tech Tuesday (and we do it in just a few minutes).

Once the segment goes live on 95.9 Star FM, I will post it here for you to listen in, learn, share and engage….