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Things continue to evolve for my podcast, Six Pixels of Separation.

The first episode of Six Pixels of Separation went live on May 22nd, 2006.
As of this week, that makes it 864 episodes.
Which is creeping up on 17 years of shows.
It is still published every Sunday morning.
It is not published in “seasons” and there has never been an older episode re-purposed as a “best of” or compilation.
I believe this to be one of the longest running, consistently, business podcasts in the world.
I could be wrong.

I do not say this to brag.

This podcast continues to be the greatest professional development gift that I have ever given myself.
Each week, I get to have a long-form and in-depth conversation with someone much smarter than me about a topic, book or innovation that is fascinating me, or that I need to learn more about.
It’s a completely selfish act.
Publishing it to the world, is the way that I get to share this conversation with anyone who might be as curious as I am about the ever-changing business landscape.
I would urge you to create something like this (be it in text, images, photos, videos or social media posts)… for your own professional development.
It doesn’t matter how many followers you have… what matters is that you’re learning and creating.

I used to think that the quality of the conversation is all that matters. I was wrong.

I used to record the show with a simple USB headset and record on Skype.
It was not edited.
It was not cleaned up.
That worked well (for many years), because “it’s about the content,” right?


Over the past several years, I’ve spent time and money improving everything from the audio quality to the software used to record it.
More recently, I’ve taken on the personal responsibility to edit each episode.
To edit it ruthlessly.
To improve both the quality of the sound and what the guest is saying.
It’s a very different show than it was… and it will continue to evolve.

It’s changed even more…

The official name of the show was changed about six months ago.
It’s now: Six Pixels of Separation – The ThinkersOne podcast.
ThinkersOne is my new business.
ThinkersOne is a new and powerful way for companies to buy bite-sized and personalized thought leadership from the best Thinkers in world.
In short, we’re making thought leadership accessible to everyday meetings, lunch and learns, and gatherings of all shapes and sizes.
You can learn more about ThinkersOne right here.
This has no bearing on the quality of the content.
The show is still the same format.

What I am asking of you…

  1. If you haven’t checked out the show in a while, please do. We’ve had incredible guests like Cory Doctorow, Dolly Chugh, Tom Peters, Ann Handley, Douglas Rushkoff and countless others (and, that’s just in the past few months).
  2. If you’re not subscribed to the show (on your favorite podcast app), please subscribe.
  3. If you like what you hear, please rate and review the show.
  4. If you have some ideas for guests and topics, please let me know.
  5. If you think someone else might benefit from the conversations, please share the episodes within your network.

Coming up…

I have conversations with big brains like Dan Pink, Johann Hari, Dr. Tina Opie, Dan Martell, Melanie Deziel, Adrian Hon, Neil Pasricha, and countless other.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think…

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