Twist Image Wins Boomerang Award For Scotiabank

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Warning: Self-promotional Blog posting…

I just got back from the annual InfoPresse Magazine Boomerang Awards. While you may have never heard about it, it is becoming a massive event. InfoPresse Magazine is the Quebec Marketing and Communications industries trade publication (think Advertising Age, Marketing Magazine or Strategy Magazine for Quebec). Every year they hold the Boomerang Awards for the interactive communications and Digital Marketing space. You may find this hard to believe, but last night almost one thousand Digital Marketing professional showed up. It was a sold-out event and was much more like a rock concert than awards ceremony – a true sign of the passion, youth and excitement of the Digital Marketing space.

Lately, I’ve told my team at Twist Image that I’m not interested in knowing if we’ve submitted any of our client’s work for an award. This way, I have no expectations, I’m not let down and I can just enjoy the party. That being said, it’s always nice to win 😉

Twist Image took home the Grand Prix (err… Grand Prize) for Best Website – Services for our work with Scotiabank on the website, My Vault. As you know, we work closely with Michael Seaton over at Scotiabank (and the guy behind The Client Side Blog and Podcast) and his entire team, so it’s a honour to celebrate this win – which is really Scotiabank’s win.

I know I don’t speak often here about the team at Twist Image – but they do, indeed, rock. Tireless hours, tons of dedication and a passion for serving our clients and delivering award-winning and results-driven Digital Marketing initiatives. We’ve had a great few months of award announcements here at Twist Image, and while we don’t do the work for the awards, we hope that it is a sign of future success.

On the drive home, I even thought that it might be important for me to start paying more attention to what we’re submitting for awards. I know it gave us great pleasure to let Scotiabank know about this tremendous win. If that doesn’t bring clients and agencies together in this day and age, I don’t know what will.


  1. Boomerang 2007: porte entrouverte pour les utilisateurs-citoyens-consommateurs
    Hier soir se tenait l’édition 2007 de la 13 ème remise des prix Boomerang qui sont en quelque sorte les oscars québécois de la communication interactive. Je faisais partie du jury donc bien impatient de voir qui se cachait d…

  2. Great Job Mitch, and congrats to your team as well. It really goes to show how being commited to excellence, and staying true to your brand can pay off dividends. Great job!

  3. Many thanks for the kind words.
    I fixed the link (yup, that was human error 😉
    @ Michael Seaton – this is YOUR award. We’re just along for the ride 😉 Many thanks for allowing us the privilege of playing with your brand 🙂

  4. I missed the Boomerang (I was in Québec City), I have seen Scotia’s Vault. I was impressed by this website. I did not know your team was part of that project. Great Job! Félicitations pour ce Grand Prix!!

  5. Congratulations Mitch. Great work like this should inspire many other companies to explore the potential for social media marketing programs. We all benefit from you success.

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