The Story Of Stuff – All Hot And Viral… With A Cause

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It’s been a long while since a website has stirred up this much buzz… this fast.

Have you checked out The Story Of Stuff with Annie Leonard yet?

I’ve had a fistful of email and calls about it.

Here it is, in seven chapters, from YouTube if you don’t feel like clicking through to the website above.


  1. Interesting with a quality production, certainly raises some good questions.
    Although I can’t say I agree with the quote, “What’s the point of an ad except to make us unhappy with what we have?â€?

  2. What’s a Blog without a little controversy?
    I think people have generalized perceptions of Marketing and Communications. Just take a look at the Edelman Trust Barometer.
    Our industry has a ways to go before we get some public trust back. It’s one of the main reasons Social Media has become such a challenge for the Marketing and Communications industry.

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