Twist Image Quoted In The National Post And Ottawa Citizen Today

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If you’re leafing through The National Post or Ottawa Citizen today, you may notice the article, The Duceppe Brand Likened To A Sporty BMW by Joanne Laucius, in which Twist Image was quoted.
Both articles are in the “A” (or front) sections of the national and local newspapers. We were called upon as SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to explain how Gilles Duceppe is marketing the Bloc Quebecois in Quebec.
It was fun to take part in the interview, and I’m glad I was not asked for my political opinions on any of the parties. It’s almost as easy to make fun of the policies as it is to discuss how their respective branding and advertising campaigns are rolling out.
If you are a subscriber to either newspaper, you can login to see the content here:
National Post – The Duceppe Brand Likened To A Sporty BMW.
Ottawa Citizen – Branding Duceppe: In A Niche Market, Bloc Leader Keeps Message Simple