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With the teaser picture of me in yesterday’s Montreal Gazette, I was getting a lot of calls and emails with a “looking forward to seeing the article in The Montreal Gazette tomorrow.”
The article published in today’s Montreal Gazette is in the Business Section, and it’s called: Blogs Build Buzz For The Savvy – “Online ‘evolved diary’ is seen as the next big thing in e-marketing. It has charm as well as challenges, communications experts say.”
A special thanks to Susan Kelly for asking me to take part in this article and for writing it.
Also appearing in Blogs Build Buzz For The Savvy is a shout-out to Ken Schafer of One Degree – Where Canadian Internet Marketing Professionals Gather and many quotes/insights from his wife, Alyson Schafer, who runs her own parenting Blog and hosts The Parenting Show on Rogers Television.
Small correction to the article (we get to do that now that we live in a world of Blogs): I do hold the title of President at Twist Image, but the reality is we are three equal partners, and Mickael Kanfi is the actual Founder.
That being said, the only bad press is an obituary.
You can read the full article here: Blogs Build Buzz For The Savvy – The Montreal Gazette.
I was also told that the Blogs Build Buzz For The Savvy article may run nationally – so check your local newspaper.