Slivercasting Becomes The New Long Tail

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I was having lunch last week with Cory Treffiletti at the InfoPresse Internet Day, and he asked me if I had seen the article in The New York Times on “slivercasting?” I had never even heard of the term slivercasting, so I quickly got my thumbs in action on the ole’ Blackberry for future inspection.
I started to Google the term “slivercasting” and came across the article Cory was talking about – Tuning In To The Potential Of Slivercasting (it’s the same article, but from the International Herald Tribune) – and it sort of made me chuckle.
Andy Steward is an avid sailboat racer and he wasn’t getting his fix of it on regular TV, so he started his own web-based channel on the topic. Enter and a new term: slivercasting.
Slivercasting – the philosophy of The Long Tail mixed with the creation of a new online video channel that is for a specific niche and audience.
With the ability to view it off the web, downloaded to your computer, your video iPod or even your Sony PSP, we’re all becoming a mobile, time-shifting, video-on-demand world that no longer fits the model set forward by traditional broadcast companies.
Why this matters to marketers?
If you want to speak to people who are into sailboat racing, where would you advertise, sponsor or run a contest? People love pay-per-click search engine marketing because they are targeting potential customers who are looking for their products or services. Well, slivercasting now cracks that Da Vinci code beyond search and back into the world of broadcasting.
I’m not sure if the term slivercasting will take. I constantly pray for the death of the word “Blog.” We’re getting there folks. Hang tight. Soon enough this will be all about publishing – fast, often and targeted.
What a wonderful marketing world it will be.
You can also read what Joseph Jaffe thinks about slivercasting here: Do you need a SLVR to Slivercast?
Here is the full article: Tuning In To The Potential Of Slivercasting – The International Herald Tribune.