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One of the more fun projects we have been working on internally at Twist Image is a corporate Blog. There are many reasons why we are going live with the Twist Image corporate Blog in the New Year. The main reason is that all of the Twist Image team members follow different passion paths and are always exchanging interesting links and thoughts within the team.
We want to share them all with the world.
In this day and age, we also believe that you can’t keep a good idea or insight down. The Twist Image corporate Blog is going to cover everything from thoughts on current marketing to ideas on design and usability to how technology is helping us all become better at marketing. Each team member has a specialty from strategy, design, communications, technology to advertising and so on – we want those different thoughts to blend and weave on the Twist Image corporate Blog. We’ll also do some Podcasting and Vlogging.
We don’t have a final launch date set, but we are all playing with it internally and enjoying the many diverse voices that are coming through. As an owner of Twist Image, I have had more than a few people on the outside ask me if I am nervous or worried about giving this kind of communication to all of our team members and how closely will I be monitoring them?
My answer, is the same as Sun Microsystems‘ CEO, Jonathan Schwartz: “It’s the same risk as giving them a phone.”
My biggest challenge will be finding the time to post on both this Blog and the Twist Image corporate Blog.
If you would like to be notified about when the Twist Image corporate Blog will live, please email me.