Advertising On The Moon – Sort Of

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I am constantly amused by the “sex sells” mantra of Adrants Daily email blast. You would think that big business corporate America rarely plays into those games. You would be wrong.
How about Assvertising. Yes, you read that right. Assvertising.
Here’s what you do: hire a bunch of very pretty women with great bodies, print a message on some hiked up panties, have them wear a super-mini skirt and then all that’s left to do is find a crowd, drop some pens and coins on the floor and watch the world stop as these models bend over to pick them up.
Which companies would take part in this kind of promotion? Hooters? Budweiser? Spike TV? World Wrestling Entertainment? NFL?
How about Kodak.
Adrants Daily reports: Kodak Takes Assvertising to Trade Show. I guess nothing says “smile” like the word Kodak printed on someone’s butt.
The actual tradeshow that Kodak “presented” this tactic at was in the Ukraine. You can view the news report here (it’s not in English, but there are pictures): Kodak Uses Assvertising At Kiev Tradeshow.
What do you think this kind of stunt says about the Kodak brand? Do you still feel that family warmth of Kodak and how a smile lasts forever? I don’t.